Pearse Lipscomb


Third Year Biomedical Engineering Major

Undergraduate student and aspiring biomedical engineer at California Polytechnic State University. Current President of the QL+ Student Association and team lead of a project aimed to redesign an ankle-foot orthotic for a professor emeritus at the University of Virginia.

In a world as uncertain as today's, I've come to realize that my actions as the president of QL+ can lay the foundation for how the student association proceeds and operates in the future. Mindful of this, I've kickstarted my presidency by expanding QL+ communications to the branches of QL+ across the country, other engineering-related associations at Cal Poly, and Cal Poly's Mechanical Engineering Industry Advisory Board. These relationships will not only enable us to navigate a virtual learning environment together, but it also connects our student association to 29 companies in the engineering field and allows for long-term relationship potential.

“Give me a place to stand and with a lever, I will move the whole world.” -Archimedes


Lyndon Fresnido

Fourth Year Biomedical Engineering Major

Hello! My name is Lyndon Fresnido and I’m from Azusa, California. I serve as the Senior Vice President and my role is to manage and provide the best possible technical resources for the student association’s projects and activities throughout the year. I joined QL+ during my switch to BMED, partaking in the workshops and quarterly design projects, and eventually leading my own formal design project team this past year. The mission statement of “engineering a better quality of life for those in need” resonates with me and being able to work with other wonderful and creative individuals is why I stayed and became an officer for QL+. I look forward to serving our members in unique ways, given the current circumstances and am hopeful for a great year with amazing projects! In my free time, I enjoy baking, playing the guitar, or going out with friends.


Ana Conrado

Third Year Biomedical Engineering Major

My name’s Ana and I’m from Orange County, California. I am the Vice President of Operations which consists of managing communication with all club members, coordinating outreach events, overseeing design projects and planning the end-of-year banquet. I joined QL+ my first year because I fell in love with their mission statement and I too wanted to improve someone’s quality of life. I also saw the great opportunity to work in teams and develop my engineering skills. I became an officer to give back to this amazing student association and provide new students with the amazing opportunities that QL+ provided me.  I’ve been a part of two FDP teams: Paraplegic Paintball and Braces for Bill. Outside of QL+, I’m a member of the Cal Poly Women’s Lacrosse team and love traveling to compete against other universities. I look forward to a new year with many new projects and members!


 LLEAP (Lower-Limb Exoskeleton Assist Project) CEO 

Janis Iourovitski


Fourth Year General Engineering Major

QL+ has been an instrumental part of my college experience. I was initially drawn to QL+ for the opportunity to apply what I learned in the classroom to creating positive change in the lives of others. Freshman year I joined the Braces for Spencer team, the following year I joined the Hands for Julian team and simultaneously launched LLEAP, at the time known as Cybathlon. As the projects grew in complexity the teams only grew closer. Some of my favorite memories are long goofy days in the lab, weekend surfing outings, and the end of the year banquets! In my free time I enjoy surfing, backpacking, painting, and anything that gets me outside.


Max Krueger


Third year Biomedical Engineering Major

Hello! I'm Max Krueger, a biomedical engineering student from Lake Oswego, Oregon. I am the treasurer for QL+ so I establish and budget out our plans for the year. Additionally, I make sure the organization has proper funding from both the school and our corporate partners. QL+ was one of the primary reasons I decided to attend Cal Poly. The smile I see on challengers faces when they see the projects we work on all year is one of the best feelings and priceless. Outside of QL+ I enjoy skiing, surfing, working out, mountaineering, and travelling. I am also involved with the Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Cal Poly FinTech, and PolyReps. I am looking forward to the future of QL+ and my remaining years here at Cal Poly! Feel free to reach out to chat or for any advice.


Jessica Wright


Second year Industrial Engineering Major

My name is Jessica Wright, and I am from Santa Cruz, California! I am this year’s Corporate Ambassador, which consists of providing you with opportunities to meet and network with various companies from the medical device and engineering industries. I decided to join QL+ my first year because I was inspired by the amazing impact they had on others lives and the community at Cal Poly. During my first year, I worked on a quarterly design project that strengthened my engineering project designs and inspired me to further get involved with QL+. As an officer, I am excited to work on future projects and meet students that share the same passions. Outside of QL+, I love to camp, play soccer, and go to the beach. I look forward to another great year working with QL+ and many all the new members!


Austin Conrad

Graduate Student Mechanical Engineering Major

I'm a transfer student from Santa Rosa Junior College and I've been with the club since I arrived in the Fall of 2018. I first Co-Lead a team that delivered the prosthetics for Hands for Julian (a series of bionic and mechanical hands for Julian to better navigate the world around him). With that project finished, I wanted to help future projects get further along in the short time that they have, so I became the Manufacturing Director for 2019-2020. My goal is to help provide any advice, criticism and helping hand for the various projects QL+ takes on. The various problems our challengers bring are both interesting and meaningful, which is why I have tried to help as much as I can and look forward to another year as Manufacturing Director. 


Michael Gallagher


Fifth year Electrical Engineering Major

Hi! I’m Michael Gallagher and I’m a fifth- year Electrical Engineering student from San Jose, CA. I am the LLEAP/Cybathlon Operations Officer for the 2020-2021 school year. I will be doing my best to introduce cybernetics to the students of Cal Poly and to make working a powered exoskeleton for use by the people who need them. I came to Cal Poly because I saw the QL+ Lab on the tour and have been part of it ever since. I love the fact that QL+ allows us to develop our skills while we also help people in our community. I hope to firmly develop the Cybathlon as a part of the Cal Poly campus over the next year and I look forward to working on an exoskeleton with everyone in the Student Association.



Kyle Ladtkow

Fourth Year Mechanical Engineering Major 

Hello! My name is Kyle, I’m a 4th Year Mechanical Engineering Student. I am a Colorado native and I love to be outdoors, whether that means hiking, rock climbing, or taking walks with my dog. I’ve been involved with QL+ for 4 years now, having been a part of three different Formal Design Projects. To me, QL+ is a way for us to directly give back to individuals in our community. It’s a great way for us to put the knowledge that we gain at this school and use it to directly improve someone’s life. As Technical Director, I will be designing and running the workshops for QL+. While these are unusual times, I am dedicated to helping students gain knowledge to do their own QL+ projects, knowledge which they might not get from their regular classes or anywhere else.


Ally McCabe


Fourth Year Biomedical Engineering Major from Alamo, Ca

As part of Quality of Life Plus SA, I aspire to refine my technical skills to contribute to innovation in the healthcare space. The past two years, I have gained hands-on experience working on quarterly and formal design projects, the most impactful being Braces for Bill. During the Braces for Bill FDP, my team and I worked to create a customized, energy-assisted ankle-foot-orthotic which would help Bill, who has atrophying calf muscles, hike uphill with stability. Due to the onset of the pandemic before our manufacturing period, our project will continue through the next quarter. This year, I look forward to joining the officer tech core as Quartermaster, where I will be able to provide students with resources in an online format, purchase and organize lab materials, 3D print, lead and help others lead student workshops and quarterly design projects, and ensure lab safety (once in-person access is allowed). Just as previous officers, I am excited to further develop a collaborative and productive environment for the QL+ community!



Marissa VanDeVeer

Second Year Biomedical Engineering Major

Hi! My name is Marissa VanDeVeer and I am a second year from the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois! I am majoring in Biomedical Engineering and this years Community Outreach officer. This means that I am in charge of all of the social media, community connections, and marketing of our student association. I joined QL+ because I have been interested in prosthetics for a few years now and want to be able to work on projects that help out the community! I’m looking forward to working on projects this year and being able to interact with other members with similar interests! Aside from QL+, I am the Vice President of Colleges Against Cancer/ Relay for Life, and love spending time with friends or enjoying the beautiful weather!



Courtney Barber

Second Year Computer Science Major

Hi I’m Courtney Barber, this year’s Webmaster! I am a second year Computer Science major from Palos Verdes, CA. My job is to manage and layout the website, and I’m so excited to be involved in QL+. Last year I was a part of the Controls Team in the Cybathlon branch. I originally joined QL+ because I have a passion for BMED and helping people, especially with prosthetics. When I heard about QL+ on the Cal Poly tour before even deciding to come to Cal Poly, I knew I had to be a part of this club. I originally came to Cal Poly as an Electrical Engineering major, but after some classes, found a love for coding and decided to transfer my major. When I’m not coding, I love spending time with friends, biking, running, crocheting/crafting, and going to the beach. 

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